Lights Out

by Matthew Schultz

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If you download the song and record something over the second verse and send it in I might put it up for another free download is the email address
Hit me up
Kind of a Remix contest type thing
Enjoy fam


Satan dont want none of what my faith brings/
he keep on attackin but we live as kings/
shout out to swoope and the team that he reps/
Im reppin on Christ and i do it the best/
best way that I can/
doin it all for one man/
man who hung on that cross/
murdered His flesh for the lost/
If you never knew my God then you never known peace/
The devil been attackin and takin away your peace/
gimme the mic and take away my pride now/
givin it up to God and i bow down/
So we mike tyson on the devil/
it is so enticin when we kill em/
like michael did to thriller/
ressurect me a demon killer/
and imma ball/
on everybody/
i aint never wake up in a new bugatti/
just an old car wit a broke bar/
tried so hard 16s runnin in my head but they dont go far/
cause i got that old life stuck/
kinda like a 9 its tucked/
keep it in the backseat/
hopin they dont catch me/
faithful life got me livin savin mad peeps/
on a different level from the old me/
other rappers lookin like oh jeez/
how the flow clean like windex/
this kid so raw he aint hot yet/
bakin and stewin on all of my prolems/
wonderin why i aint got time to solve em/
people been keepin me up in the back ground/
sat back and listened its time to attack now/
show them the flow thats been hidin inside me/
get off the mattress aint sleepin up on me/
5 hour energy take it to stay with me/
flowin so brainlessly showin the mental piece/
that means im headless/
horseman wit a thick vest/
bulletproof rap star homie thats a bad draw/
put the card back in the deck and try to flow hard/
like atlantic waves/
here comes a mannic craze/
stay up for many days/
leaves me confused and dazed/
alright alright alright/
lm gonna leave tonight/
pick up my sword and fight/
to make a better life/
if i wasnt gonna battle with the devil/
i woulda never started with my hustle/
i woulda never gotten any better/
woulda coulda shoulda im aimin for the header/
top of the game/
topple the lame/
not of the same/
earth that they claim/
break every chain/
pain still remains/
inside my brain/
right to the day I/
lay in the grave/
dragon is slain/


released May 7, 2014
Written and Recorded by Matthew


Engineered by Issac Knox



all rights reserved


Matthew Schultz Jacksonville, Florida

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